I am reading a wonderful book by Marianne Williamson called The Gift of Change. I guess I think almost everything I read these days I connect to sustainability & living a greener life in my every day choices.  And, after all, isn’t everything a choice? And isn’t change a gift?

Here’s a quote:  “Humanity is moving forward now, though in some ways we are doing so kicking and sreaming. Nature seems to be saying to all of us, ‘Okay, it’s time. No more playing around. Become the person you were meant to be.’ ”

And I am meant to be Mrs. Green. My every day choices are changing, my desire to stay connected to you, the tribe, deepens with every FB post, every comment to my blog, every time a person tells me they listen to my show.  I want people to be excited about change, to see it as a gift, to feel good about the changes being made because we all know they are the right ones.  I want to live a sustainable life. And I want you to be a part of it.

Changes coming up for me?  I don’t feel good about eating red meat anymore.  Not sure what I am going to do about it but eating less has already started. And I am going to buy cruetly free chicken, we already buy the eggs. And I am going to get every bit of anything Hersheys out of my house over time.  The money has already been spent on what we have  and I don’t encourage waste. Finding fair trade cocao will be a challenge – one that I am up to.  Eating fair trade chocolate is a pleasure – not a sacrifice and that’s as easy as going to Trader Joe’s.

And after that, maybe the right kind of revolution.  Like getting Girl Scouts to take on fair trade for the choclate for their cookies. 

It’s that dreamer thing again.