That pesky topic of GMOs just won’t go away. I am perplexed about the entire issue of the harmful effect of genetically modified food on humans. But I am not at all perplexed about Monsanto.  They are bullies, they have driven small farmers out of business in droves and their tactics are appalling.

When I read about the recent discovery of signficant financial connection between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and agribusiness titan Monsanto, I was shocked and saddened. I can’t help but wonder, do Bill & Melinda know?  They do so much to make our world a better place. Can this be something that Foundation staff did simply to grow the Foundation’s portfolio?  Bottom line to me?  Not acceptable.  Being a good steward of the planet means just that and is the only truly sustainable path.

I haven’t checked 10 sources, I don’t have the resources to go down the rabbit hole of digging more deeply but I would like to know the real deal.  It’s that green thinking thing I can’t get past.

Would love to have some feedback/thoughts/more info.