See Entire May 28, 2010 Newsletter

No shock to anyone that Mrs. Green would write about the oil spill. How could I not? Have no fear — I am not interested in playing the blame game. I am sure that there were enough lawyers lined up on all sides before the reality of this tragedy barely set in. I hope BP is held accountable in a big way but that’s something I have no control over. I’m happy to leave that to the courts. Not very happy about how much money will be WASTED on that battleground – money that could be well spent cleaning it up.

Now a few thoughts from Mrs. Green:  Does anyone remember that 11 people were killed? That their bodies were not recovered? Was there a national pause for that and for their loved ones or did the blame game start immediately? What if we can’t stop it? Ponder this from David Roberts, Grist on May 25th:

“We are, however, drifting toward a whole different kind of place. Tomorrow BP is attempting the “top kill” maneuver — pumping mud into the well. If it doesn’t work, well … then what? Junk shot? Top hat? Loony stuff like nukes? Relief wells will take months to drill and no one’s sure if they’ll work to relieve pressure. It’s entirely possible, even likely, that we’re going to be stuck helplessly watching as this well spews oil into the Gulf for years. Even if the flow were stopped tomorrow, the damage to marshes, coral, and marine life is done. The Gulf of Mexico will become an ecological and economic dead zone. There’s no real way to undo it, no matter who’s in charge.

I’m curious to see how the public’s mood shifts once it becomes clear that we are powerless in the face of this thing. What if there’s just nothing we can do? That’s not a feeling to which Americans are accustomed.” (I know I’m not!)

To me, with my resilient, fighting Irish, never-say-die spirit, it begs the question: so what CAN we do? I am not sure but I have to do something. I hope everyone who takes the time to read this newsletter feels the same way. I cannot live without hope, without believing that there is a huge lesson here, without making a commitment to being a part of the long term solution in my walk as Mrs. Green. Our team has decided to support the efforts of a truly great organization – The Nature Conservancy. Their mission statement? To preserve the plants, the animals, and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.

Whether you choose to share what they are doing with others, donate to their cause, be a volunteer, or find another cause you believe in, this is the ultimate call to DO JUST ONE THING. And keep doing it.