Just had to share this “eco-friendly” true story. When my favorite printer broke LAST February, as in 2010, I was beside myself. My old printer buddy had held me in good stead for many years & I don’t like learning about new machines. Driving toward home with the old, un-fixable  printer in tow, a thought occurred to me: RISE Equipment & Recycling Center! Why not?

So I headed over there. I had toured the facility, loved what they do, was impressed with the level of commitment of their volunteers & admired that the money they raised through selling refurbished equipment & selling off what they cannot use (only to companies in the USA) was used to support solid social service programs I believe in. But did they have a printer for me that would work and that I would like?  Sigh…

Short and sweet update on the story: that day I purchased an HP Office Jet 7210 for $50. Swear. It still works great, I use it almost every day, I get my cartridges refilled at Cartridge World near my home office & it’s all good. And I i mention that they took my old printer off my hands for recycling?

Big green circle? From HP to someone to RISE Equipment & Recycling Center to the home office of Mrs. Green. We reduced waste, we reused the printer, we recycled my old machine  and I am still using  the original machine made by HP.  http://riseequipmentrecycling.org/

If you live in Tucson, please check them out. If you don’t, find your RISE or other electronic recycling organization near you  & make a difference – not a dump in the landfill!