Waste contamination is a big issue for most municipalities. Putting the wrong thing into your recycling bin comes with a cost which can easily be remedied with just a little bit of investigation. What’s a person to do? Listen to this show! I so enjoyed my time with and┬álearning from Andy Quigley from the City of Tucson’s Department of Environmental Services that I decided to do a blog post with the hopes that more people will listen to this fast-paced, fun and informative interview. Andy’s experience in waste management during the course of his career helps brings some added quality content to this show – including some new information for Mrs. Green! So have a listen and test your recycling IQ.

Even though I like to remind people that the FIRST “R” is reduce in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle message, recycling has in important place in our every day lives and plays an important role in terms of a healthier, cleaner planet.

Listen, learn and maybe even help to spread the good green word!