I happen to believe that every single person I know, including me, takes our clean air  for granted.  Maybe if you have asthma or other kinds of breathing challenges, you might actually pay attention to air quality because it impacts your health. But for the rest of us, it’s just there.  Truth is that it is and it isn’t. We can all contribute to keeping our air healthy and this blog will give you some great tips and helpful insights as to what you can do to make sure we all can take a deep breath and feel great about it!

Here goes:

Did you know that reducing energy and water use, inflating your vehicle tires and recycling can all keep our air healthy?

On Reducing Electricity

  •  In order to produce electricity used for lighting and appliances, fuels are burned which releases air pollution.  Reducing your energy use saves you money and helps the environment!
  • Did you know you can do your part to reduce air pollution by replacing incandescent bulbs with more energy-efficient compact fluorescent or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs? Raising your thermostat in the summer and lowering it in the winter, turning off lights, unplugging appliances can help keep our air healthy?  People – these are NOT hard things to do to make our world a healthier place!
  • Water delivery requires large amounts of electricity so water conservation means less air pollution

On Water Conservation 

Easy actions like taking shorter showers, turning off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving, and repairing leaky faucets can all help to keep our air cleaner.  (Less water,,,less electricity.

On Driving/Vehicle Maintenance

  • Keeping your car properly maintained and modifying driving habits can keep our air clean
  • Keep tires inflated to the correct pressure. It will improve your gas mileage by up to 3 percent.  Less gas, lower, emissions, less pollution.
  • Using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil can improve mileage by up to 2 percent.
  • A properly tuned vehicle averages 4 percent better gas mileage
  •  Idling uses a quarter to half a gallon of fuel per hour. Turning off that engine saves money and produces less pollution.
  • Refuel in summer evenings. Less gas vapors escape from the tank during the summer evening hours. Stop refueling when you hear the “click” to reduce the amount of vapors and avoid “topping off” your tank. Tighten up the gas cap to prevent vapor escape.
  • Drive Less. Live Healthy. Find new ways to get to work, school and activitiesSharing a ride saves gas and money, keeps air pollution down and builds relationships with friends and family. PAG’s Sun Rideshare program provides services that make alternative transportation, such as carpooling, vanpooling, mass transit, biking and walking more affordable, accessible and convenient. www.884ride.org 

On Your Own Body Tuneups! 

Get some exercise and enjoy your commute to work, shopping. See PAG’s  new bike map: http://www.pagnet.org/info/1102/Default.aspx

And our world will be a healthier, happier place in which to live and play!