Jessica Sweidan, Co-Founding Trustee

When Jessica and her husband, Adam, founded Synchronicity Earth, they wanted to look at the whole conservation landscape, make sense of it, and spread the word so that ultimately they can ramp up funding for excellent projects. They believe that without a healthy biosphere, we all lose the possibility of peace, security, health and prosperity for all. They also believe that unless we change course, we will soon accelerate the 6th Mass Extinction, the first caused by humans. And they want to be a part of what needs to happen so that we can ensure that we pass on a planet worth inhabiting for future generations.  But it’s the “how” they go about doing this that intrigues me. Their rigorous research identifies effective people and organizations globally tackling the most urgent environmental problems. Then their team works alongside and bolsters them so that, together, they can protect Earth’s at-risk species, peoples and habitats, and regenerate damaged ecosystems. Jessica is a visionary, an inspirational thought leader and a force. I hope you will join us for a conversation about hope, possibility and change. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.