Here I sit at 10:00 on a Thursday night reflecting on a truly great, green week. How did I love it? Let me count the ways:

Mrs. Green selected as the color for S’well water bottle. Given that each member of the Mrs. Green team received one for Christmas, begs the question if they now must have Mrs. Green S’well Water Bottle. ( Owner Sarah Kauss offering 30% discount on people who order and put in code: MRSGREEN.  Warms my big, green, open heart

Recorded green tips with Jennie & Chris on 92.9 the Mountain

Ate in 3 locally owned restuarants – Zinburger, Acacia & Delectables. Craving Eclectic Pizza – there’s always tomorrow.

Getting ready to launch “Who’s The Greenest of Them All” website contest. 13 entries to be posted tomorrow. And they are wonderful!

Launched the book drive as a partnership between Goodwill, VerVe & Mrs. Green.  Books can be dropped at the two VerVe locations in Tucson and the money raised from the sale of books will be used to support programs at Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona. The bonus? A free hand massage to any interested party dropping off books. Sustainable partnerships in action.

Had my first meeting for “Dancing with Our Stars” to decide on my dance number for the Community Diaper Banks annual gala.  You are going to LOVE this one. Trying to keep the dance number  a secret for now.

Got a call from a woman in New York who googled “healthy earth cookware” and Mrs. Green came up first in the search.  It’s always a good week when you come up first on google for a good reason.

Albe Zakes from TerraCycle is available to do my show this Saturday after a late week cancellation. How great is that?  Love him, love TerraCycle and love green talk radio.

I know there were lots more good things but  the most important thing?  Mr. Green is on the mend. He sustains me.

p.s. And I didn’t even mention that I hit that 1570 mark on FB. You know how I get antsy once I pass the 70 anything mark. I fear a Mrs. Green team revolt if I start mentioning it.