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Needless to say, I feel compelled to dedicate this newsletter to all of the people whose lives were touched by the events of Saturday, January 8th. There were heroes too numerous to mention – those whose acts made the press and those whose contributions saved lives because they were simply doing their jobs. There were hundreds of those people and I honor them for sacrificing their lives that day and every day to make our world a safer place. 

In addition to honoring every single person whose lives were touched on January 8th, I would like to ask you to continue to focus on the good, be the change you wish to see in the world. Bite your tongue or at least think twice about slamming “the other side.” Blame has no place in this conversation. It serves no higher purpose. DO look people in the eye at the grocery store, the places you eat, where you shop. We really don’t have any idea the kind of impact a friendly smile or a short friendly comment might make in someone’s day. Together, we can and will thrive.

And when you can, thank an EMT, a police man or woman, a firefighter, a doctor, a nurse, a sheriff’s deputy, a mental health professional and anyone else I haven’t mentioned. They help to make our community a sustainable one every single day. 

Welcome EDG – Our Newest Sponsor
(Environmental Development Group, Enjoy Dining Green, & EDG Everything)

Mrs. Green’s World is proud to welcome Environmental Development Group (EDG) as the newest sponsor supporting the mission and vision of Mrs. Green. As a recognized industry leader, EDG has offered innovative, environmentally conscious, sustainable solutions for clients throughout the country for over a decade! 

In Tucson, EDG has introduced their vehicle conversion facility which converts fleet diesel semi-tractors into RENEWABLE ENERGY EFFICIENT vehicles that greatly reduce emissions and leaves NO carbon footprint on the environment. In addition to EDG fuels, there’s Enjoy Dining Green! This is a coalition of people and restaurant owners who are committed to recycling used cooking oil for biodiesel processing. Let’s just say EDG is not a quick sound byte nor does what they do allow for a short explanation. But trust me – it’s not complicated. What EDG does is everything they can to reduce our dependency on foreign fuel in every way possible. That explanation is good enough for me and I welcome them!