I really enjoy sharing stories about connecting the green dots. Here’s another one. Last week my printer broke. Loved that printer. And is there ever a good time for your printer to break?

Enter the green stainability network:  In short, took the printer to a trusted locally owned business, Sasiadeks, for an assessment – fix or replace?  None other than Roy, the owner, prounounced the printer dead. Not good news.

My Mrs. Green brain starts doing its own search. Results great. Make a stop at RISE Equipment Recycling Center, a place I had toured and was very impressed with for lots of reason. (www.riseequipmentrecycling.org) to see if they had a used printer. (Walk the walk?) Bingo! I get great service, I get an HP Officejet for $50 that is still working great AND they take my old printer to recycle. It gets a little better. I then go to Cartridge World Tucson to have them check the cartridges, get one refilled and I am good to go.

Green circle of life? Sustainability in action? Supporting locally owned businesses AND non-profits?  D – all of the above.  And food for green thought to all of you I hope.

I LOVE being Mrs. Green