If you are a regular visitor to and active part of Mrs. Green’s world, you might wonder why my constant references to Miraval? You might even wonder if I write about them so much because they are a sponsor. But then again, you might just thoroughly  enjoy what I do write about them and leave it at that.

You won’t have to wonder any more. Yes, they are sponsors. No, they don’t tell me what to write or how frequently. It’s a partnership and it works. But the reason for my numerous references to them and my “I heart Miraval” musings are of the deeper kind.  They are about sustainability from the inside out. Miraval is a touchstone for me. When I am flying in fifty different directions, I can honestly calm myself down and sustain my soul by just thinking about sitting on the bench near the bird feeders. Or I think about walking the grounds or having a glass of wine on the patio. From the minute you arrive at Miraval, there really is a sense of peace and calming, a sense of what they call life in balance.  I don’t ever seem to remember the staff running around frantically. You aren’t  allowed to use your cell phones on the property. The food they serve is healthy AND delicious and even indulging in little treats is encouraged – like the chocolate chip cookies.  They have an “everything you need” button on the phone in your room. Ever seen that before? You are gently reminded at every turn that life there is about slowing down, about being present, about quieting your mind and feeding your soul, about taking care of your body, mind and spirit, about the true essence of sustainability.  Balance – that illusive place I continue to strive for & have to practice constantly.

Here’s the challenge we all face:  we can’t live at Miraval. Living life in balance isn’t an offsite location. It’s an inside job. My references to “hearting” Miraval help to remind me of that – a reminder I seem to need quite often.  And I will say this without hesitation – if you haven’t been, I encourage you to think about doing so. Save for it, sacrifice other things for it, make it happen. Why? Because the experience of staying there will sustain you like it does me & we are worth it. Sustainability really and truly is an inside job. I heart that!