My intention in writing this blog and probably every other one I have written is to simply encourage & invite people to ALWAYS live consciously – what you eat, how much electricity you use, what you put on your skin, what kind of car you drive – it all matters.

Where to begin about this one?  So thrilled to have my first “going green team” meeting at Chapman Tucson. Green from the inside out – right? Wish you could have seen my face when the awesome team of people from 7 (SEVEN) dealerships communicated what they are ALREADY doing as stewards of the community.  Take the time to read below (I promise to be brief) and make up your own mind about my major sponsor’s commitment to sustainability, about creating sustainable communities in the workplace  &  to Planet Earth (remember – there is only one!)

I’m just going to list them so you get the picture: recycling bins for water bottles & paper products in every building; office documents & other paper products shredded & recycled; waste oil, anti-freeze, tires, fluorescent light bulbs, hazardous waste (contaminated  fuels), car batteries, waste metal (including computer towers) and cardboard all recycled.

At the body shops (better than I ever imagined) Shedd-it boxes, AND all of the above & waste metal get picked up & recycled. Plus they recycle paint thinner as well.

Let’s put it this way – it was a wow experience for me and what’s even more wonderful is the excitement of the Going Green team for moving in an even greener direction.  How do you provide water to customers looking at cars in 105 degree heat if not in a cold water bottle? What can Chapman do to support a local charity? What other areas might they be able to get their teams excited about?  THE most important thing is that they are engaged in the dialogue and changes are already occurring.  It really is sustainability in action & it really is fun.  Stay tuned for updates as this all evolves.

What’s going on where you work? shop? spend money? It all matters.