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Chances are if you are one of the people who need to read this, you probably won’t because you are tooooo busy! (Me? I would be one of the guilty ones but I am the author trying to practice what I share – not preach.)

Reflecting back over the past week and looking ahead to my schedule, I keep asking myself: why do we do this? Why do we plan holiday parties, say yes to going so many of them, schedule attending multiple events in the same night, take on projects that involve giving back – all on top of simply getting ready for Christmas Day? And why do we continue having to learn the same lessons over and over? Let us all help each other by being mindful of this in the home stretch and actually be proactive in moving your own sustainability up a notch. It will actually help others as well.

So here are a FEW tips to keep in mind and maybe actually DO in the 15 days that we, who celebrate Christmas, have left until the big day:

Get yourself back in touch with the true meaning of this holiday. Be the role model for that. Isn’t spending quality time with loved ones what we always remember and value the most? For me there is one word: family – by blood or choice!

Keep it simple. The less you buy, the less you owe, the less you have to wrap, and the less goes into the landfills. Is there a downside?

Give gifts that keep on giving. Dinner (as in making it for someone!), movie tickets, theater tickets, restaurant certificates, season passes to a zoo.

SCHEDULE time for yourself. I mean SERIOUSLY schedule time with and for you. A long walk, a trip to a local nature site, catch a movie in the afternoon, take a nap, get a massage, hold hands with someone you love, take the phone OFF the hook and read or just stare out the window. Just savor the quiet.

Give thanks. If you are too busy to do any of the above, give thanks – for YOUR presence on the planet, for the unique gifts you bring to the planet and for all that you have right now, in this moment, on this day. And then hope and pray you will do better next year. (Schedule it?)

I am going to stop now because I have too much to do. Just kidding – really.