wp-MarciZaroff2MARCI ZAROFF, Eco Lifestyle Pioneer

Get ready for¬†Marci Zaroff and get ready to change your life. Marci’s mission is to revolutionize the global fashion and textile industries, driving sustainability through creative vision, inspiration, education, collaboration & innovation, She is a recognized visionary and authority in organic/sustainable apparel & home fashions and has created a unique development, distribution and monitoring business model to ensure that the process and the products remain pure, transparent and authentic.¬† Do you know where your clothing comes from and at what cost in terms of the human capital? Do you know that most cotton is toxic and water heavy? Join us to find out what the Number One Green Fashionista and the revolution she is helping to create with other thought leaders paving the way for all of us. This show sponsored by Mrs. Green’s World Earth Day Celebration 2014.