This July 3-4, choose ONE THING you DON’T LIKE and #DeclareIndependence!
Join the hundreds of others participating on Facebook or Twitter.
When & Where
July 3, 2012 (All day) – July 4, 2012 (All day)

This Independence Day, you fill in the blank:

“I want to #DeclareIndependence from ______.”
Are you ready to #DeclareIndependence from…
… Wall Street?
… rule by the the 1%?
… Big Ag, GMO’s, or pink slime?
… war profiteering?
… Big Oil, Big Money, or Big Brother??
What do you want to #DeclareIndependence from this July 3-4?
With an abundance of obsolete/oppressive elements in today’s world, it might be hard to choose, but I am only asking one thing:
Participating is Quick and Easy:
1) Simply post a sentence or a pic to the Declare Independence event page on Facebook with your #DeclareIndependence statement, or
2) Tweet using #DeclareIndependence in a statement or TweetPic.

@VioletRiot: I #DeclareIndependence from Wall Street! It’s time to stop rule by the 1%
@zazazarah: This #4thofJuly I’m joining @globalexchange @ElectDemocracy to #DeclareIndependence from corporate rule. Join in!
@meganrdevlin: I #DeclareIndependence from #fastfood. What will you #DeclareIndependence from this 4th of July? via @electdemocracy
@lovinstrangers:  Protect your language! #DeclareIndependence.
You can also view all #DeclareIndependence tweets so far and as they unfold in real time July 3-4.
Post a story or an image, and tag yourself and your friends.
For ideas, here’s a #DeclareIndependence photo gallery put together by Global Exchange.