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I hope everyone who has been reading my last two newsletters (highlighting the first and second “Rs” – reduce and reuse) understands that it is not my intention to give recycling a bad rap. It is so very important and we are UBER recyclers. Case in point, I sneak things of out of people’s trash at parties and Mr. Green and I have been known to stop and pick up plastic and aluminum cans when we are on country roads. And since I admit to using one plastic drink container every day (it is not available for purchase in a glass container), if I am on the run (a rarity…) and take the bottle with me, I ALWAYS bring the bottle and cap home with me to make sure it ends up somewhere other than the landfill.

My intention in writing this newsletter about recycling is to: A) just remind you of the importance of recycling. If you aren’t, please do. Need convincing? I can help but the bottom line is that we are running out of space on this planet of ours and that should matter to all of us. And B) I might be able to introduce you to a few new twists on recycling that may not be top of mind for you right now.

  1. Do you recycle your books AND magazines? I don’t know about other States (yet!) but I do know this can turn into a true green win/win/win in Arizona. You can take your used books and magazines to Bookmans AND get credit that can be used to purchase other books and magazines (CDs and DVDs too). Save the landfill, buy other “stuff” with your store credit and save time and gas because you are already there recycling your own stuff. Downside anyone?
  2. Do you recycle ALL of your electronic equipment?I am not just talking about the big pieces like computers and printers. I am talking about the whole green “I just bought it but it’s out of date” enchilada: cell phones, chargers of all kinds, old telephones, CD and DVD players, old TVs, calculators (remember those?)Mrs. Green’s two cents: There is a place you can take “them” that you can trust. It might take a little effort to find the right place for your items but in our city we are blessed with many choices: RISE Equipment Recycling Center is a favorite of mine. Domestic violence shelters can use the phones and other non-profits can often use old computers, etc. Just say NO to throwing it away. And be sure to ask about to whom they sell their waste. RISE has to ensure that everything they sell stays in the USA.
  3. Do you recycle ALL of your old clothes, shoes, blankets, glasses, pots and pans, tools, dishes and so on and so forth? Not only does this make sense from a pro-Mother Earth point of view (any anti-Mother Earth misguided people out there?), if you take it to someplace like Goodwill, you get a receipt for tax purposes. In case you are not a Facebook person, this statistic I posted earlier this week will jar your preserves: Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona kept 19,006,543 pounds out of area landfills last year. That’s up from 18.8 million last year! And that is just ONEGoodwill.Mrs. Green’s personal invitation: Make a point of visiting your local Goodwill. Of course take anything you want to donate with you but once there, really take the time to look around. You’ll find brand names such as J Crew, Tommy Bahama, LL Bean, Banana Republic, Gap, True Religion and yes – even Armani. Double dog dare you.
  4. Does your business or the company you work for have a company-wide equipment recycling plan? If not, will you please start one or start the conversation? I am talking about office furniture – desks, file cabinets, chairs, bookcases, light fixtures, waste baskets, paint, yada yada. Just tell me your company doesn’t throw any of the above away because it will make me sad.Mrs. Green asks: have you NOT heard of Habitat for Humanity’s HabiStore? OMG!In addition to all of the above that you might find for purchase at the HabiStore, you might also find toilets, patio furniture, sinks, bathtubs, screws, nuts, bolts, storm doors, tile, washers, dryers, lamps. You get the picture. Yes, think recycling and yes, visit a HabiStore near you some Saturday afternoon.   
  5. Miscellaneous – there always has to be a miscellaneous.I would say the best way to think about this category is: one man’s trash, another man’s treasure. Artists scour second hand stores, students furnish their apartments from places like Goodwill and HabiStore, people on fixed incomes and families facing huge challenges in these economic times might just have a washing machine because of you, or a warm pair of socks, or a gently used pair of shoes, or sheets for their beds. So take your miscellaneous goods somewhere!Mrs. Green’s very personal note: Yes, there is the halo effect one might feel about this category – donating your stuff to help “at-risk” populations, etc. But my truth? I love a good bargain! I love to buy quality things at second hand stores and I feel downright smart when I can get an entire set of NEW patio furniture from someplace like the HabiStore for pennies on the dollar.  So I invite you to think outside the recycling bin and join the millions of us waking up, not throwing stuff away, and saving money AND the planet. Don’t you just love that?

Gardening Tips for Your Reading Pleasure!Sea Of Green has posted a 5 step guide to plant propagation: starting from a seed or clone.  

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In this fast-paced,, instant message, texting world of ours, you might have missed this exciting news from the last newsletter. Just in case you need reminding like I do, read on about our iTunes news.

We are official, have assigned categories, and Mrs. Green’s radio shows are easily available for you to download on your favorite iAnything device. View the page. We would be thrilled if you would be moved to rate a few and consider writing a short review. We need you and really care what you think!

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Three Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wells FargoLike many things in my life, I have a very personal reason for being a Wells Fargocustomer for over 36 years – way before they were Wells Fargo. Someone believed in me, took a risk when no other bank would touch me, and the rest is history. I never forgot. Fast forward to the birth of Mrs. Green, and history kind of repeated itself. Wells Fargo took a chance on Mrs. Green AND they are one of the greenest banks in America. Funny how this stuff works.Three things you might want to know about Wells Fargo (even though I could easily write TEN!)

  1. Wells Fargo offers all kinds of ways to go greener as a customer. They have SEVENTEEN (17) choices on their website including everything from online banking to envelope free ATMs to energy efficient mortgages.
  2. Wells Fargo has a top notch, professional, active Environmental Affairs team that knocks my green socks off. And I can personally attest to their assertion that they really do want to hear from you and that they really will get back to you. Case in point? Stephanie Rico from San Francisco has been a great source of information for me for quite some time.
  3. And last but certainly not least, in 2009 Wells Fargo was named as the greenest bank in America and the 13th greenest BUSINESS overall.

My last word? Yes, I love locally owned, community banks. As someone who has worn many hats the past 36 years both personally and professionally, Wells Fargo still feels like a community bank to me.