A Wall Street Journal article grabbed my attention recently. It stated that what we have long known the Mediterranean diet is good for the heart. Now it may be good for our brains as well.

The article reported that a recent study published by the Archives of Neurology (not sure I know about those) found that the diet might protect against blood-vessel damage to the brain, reducing the risks of strokes and memory loss.  At 61, it really matters to me. If you are younger? Why not start eating better now? It’s call prevention.

It is the FIRST study to specifically examine the effects of the diet centered around  vegetables , fruits, fish, whole grains, nuts and olive oil,  a moderate amount of alcohol and consuming limited amounts of red meat, sweets and refined grains like white bread or white rice easier on the brain’s small blood vessels as well.

So what has proven to be good for the heart, now considered good for the brain. We know these things but as for me? It’s always great to be reminded. Time to watch Forks Over Knives again. And pre-order Miraval’s Mindful Eating cookbook online.

And sounds like a good topic for a green talk radio podcast!

WSL article was in the Personal Journal section on Tuesday, February 14 & written by Jennifer Corbett Dooren