AmpleHarvest Food Waste Weekend 2018

AmpleHarvest's Food Waste weekend is happening Friday September 21st through the 23rd. Mark your calendars to join in the global effort to end food waste that weekend, and permanently reduce it going forward. 70% of America’s food pantries are located in houses of worship, making faith leaders critical partners in helping get excess food to hungry […]

TENWEST Impact Festival

EVERYONE HAS A ROLE. DISCOVER YOURS. TENWEST Impact Festival helps the curious and the impassioned solve the great economic, social, cultural and environmental challenges facing our communities. Through ten days of exhibitions, talks, and interactive experiences, national experts and local heroes will inspire the ideas and facilitate the connections that will empower us to act.

Stand Against Racism 2021: From Declarations to Change

YWCA Southern Arizona 525 N. Bonita Avenue Tucson, AZ 85745, Tucson, AZ, United States

Pima County declared Racism a Public Health Crisis in December. So what's the next step? Your YWCA Southern Arizona Board and Staff invite you to explore how From Declarations to Change: Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis can advance the work of justice in our community and empower people of color. Go here for […]

Know Where to Throw- Recycling Do’s and Dont’s

Tucson Medical Center for Seniors 2695 N. Craycroft, Tuscon, AZ, United States

Do you recycle? Do you know what “not to throw” in your recycle bins? Join Gina Murphy Darling, from Mrs. Green's World, and Cristina Polsgrove, from Tucson Environmental & General Services, to learn what’s safe and what’s not and the impact contamination has on the entire recycling effort. Learn more information about how to move […]