We need our bees!

The Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) reminds us that every third bite of food we take – we need to thank a bee. Nature’s tiny workers put food on our tables! Bees pollinate more than $15 billion a year in US crops, and more than $150 million in honey sales is produced annually.

Why are bees in trouble?

Colony Collapse Disorder or bee colony collapse is the threat that our bees are currently facing. Author and analyst Kimberly Amadeo brings us the details in her July 2018 article, Colony Collapse Disorder and Its Impact on the Economy: What Happens If We Don’t Save the Bees?


In March of 2018, The National Wildlife Federation teamed up with Barkman Honey and initiated the BEESPONSIBLE campaign. The campaign is a way to show our bees the love they show us, by pollinating our fields, orchards and gardens. We have a deep connection with our bees and we need to keep them healthy and thriving as an essential part of our world.



Kelly King is a woman taking small steps toward a healthier happier life and planet, all the while caring for her two children, husband, cat and Mrs. Green’s World.