I am always thrilled to hear from people who are a part of Mrs. Green’s world.  When I received the following email  from Monet, I asker her if I could quote her.  “Quote away!” and so I shall.  Folks, this not just about safe, eco-friendly cosmetics. I believe it’s about saving lives and I believe there is plenty of evidence to support that assertion.  It’s about the circle of life.

Please take 8 minutes out of your busy lives to focus, listen, learn and hopefully, buy more consciously. Your choice to live a more sustainable, eco-smart life matters.  Thank you, Monet, for caring enough to share all this with me.

Hello Mrs. Green,
I would imagine you may have already seen the following video short on toxins in our personal items that is currently circulating all over the internet/Facebook. Just in case, I wanted to forward seeing as how this affects not just our physical health but the environment in terms of run-off, using oil to produce, contaminating water supplies, etc. The list goes on!

It is either personally applicable and/or relevant to someone you care about. I’ve been following this information for years, and I am so happy to see this hitting mainstream — especially as this issue is monitored and regulated abroad, yet has been ignored here at home.

Please forward if you feel so inclined.

All my love,

P.S. I recently shared an article with some of you from Newsweek, entitled “Women Will Rule the World”, in which an interesting stat caught my attention: “a new book on female economic power, Influence, points out, American women are responsible for 83 percent of all consumer purchases; they hold 89 percent of U.S. bank accounts, 51 percent of all personal wealth, and are worth more than $5 trillion in consumer spending power—larger than the entire Japanese economy. On a global level, women are the biggest emerging market in the history of the planet”

That’s empowering information, ladies!!! We have the power to demand healthy, clean products (and a clean, gmo-free food supply!) by consciously using our purchasing power to increase the demand for chemical-free, pesticide-free, carcinogen-free products, food etc!!! Choose/buy wisely 🙂 http://www.newsweek.com/2010/07/06/women-will-rule-the-world.html