Replace chemical household cleaning products by non-toxic and biodegradable products, which do a great job, and avoid leaving chemicals on your counters, sinks, floors and drains. Here are some excellent natural cleaners:
o Baking soda – neutralizes acid and whitens and deodorizes
o Borax – deodorizes, helps disinfect, inhibits mildew and mold.
o Lemon juice – deodorizes, cleans glass and aluminum
o Vinegar – dissolves mineral deposits, great for cleaning glass
o All purpose cleaner: mix vinegar and salt in water.

Avoid using chemical bug sprays indoors. Here are some natural alternatives:

o To repel ants, use soapy water in a spray bottle, or place cucumber peels near the place they are entering your house; this repels them.
o To repel cockroaches, use catnip or soapy water
o To deter fleas, use citrus, such as lemon juice, or mild soap.
o To repel mosquitos, burn citronella candles