Amy TimmonsThis blog was written by Amy Timmons, a member of the Mrs. Green team,  who represented all of us for the People’s Climate March on September 21, in New York City. It was great to have an eyewitness to history in the making. Here is the uncut version and certainly reflects how much sacrifice was involved in Amy’s determination to show up and be counted. Made me feel like I was there.

“I recently took bus a trip from Boulder, CO to NYC for the People’s Climate March. After spending 96 hours with 37 strangers, traveling 3600 miles on a small, stinky, sticky, cramped school bus, you’d think that when we arrived home after 4 days without a real meal, sleep or showers, we would scurry away in separate directions grateful for space and fresh air. THINK AGAIN.

We huddled up in a 37-person group hug. Why? Because something happened on that bus that brought us together in a way that matters. We saw the glimmer of hope in each other’s eyes. We felt the ripple, chose to ride the wave of possibility and use our inspiration to make a difference.

Amy in group hugWe recognized that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

That’s why our hours-long TEDx-style conversations on the bus the day after the People’s Climate March didn’t consist of complaining about the garbage left behind by the event, or the fact that cars were idling for hours stuck in traffic while the march weaved its way through the streets of Manhattan. We weren’t pointing fingers or placing blame. We weren’t weighted down by all of the daunting problems facing the planet and its inhabitants and how we may have reached a point of no return. We weren’t saying “anti-this” and “stop that”. We were saying “YES to ACTION” and YES to SOLUTIONS”. We weren’t judging and criticizing those around us for the choices they make. Instead our conversation was made up of stories about connectivity and sustainability and community and collaboration and learning from each other and growing. We talked about ways to take action and create a world full of compassion and kindness and forgiveness.

The 37 strangers on that bus made up an eclectic group of people, crossing so many barriers created by society – age, gender, socio-economic status, race. And yet we came together to accomplish the same goal – to take part in a march that would tell the world we are committed to finding ways to live more sustainably on this planet, and with each other. We wanted to tell governments and corporations that the people are demanding action and change on a massive scale. And after the march, we continued the conversation in a positive, productive way. We talked about how to learn from each other, be more aware of our unsustainable daily habits, how to take action when and where possible.

Are any of us perfect? NO WAY. Do we have a lot more to learn about sustainability and preservation? ABSOLUTELY. Are we determined to create a wave of positivity and sustainability and connectivity? NO DOUBT. Are we committed to creating a positive conversation focused on finding solutions, caring for each other and the planet we inhabit, then taking meaningful and effective action? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT.

It’s my deepest hope that, beyond the amazing conversations on the bus, positive dialogue is happening everywhere around the globe about climate change and the food industry and the health of the planet and all living beings on it. It is my sincere desire to help inspire more of these conversations that ask important questions like “what do we do now?” and “what can I learn from others, what can I teach others?” and “how can I be a better person?”

I invite all of you to take a proverbial bus ride with me. Let’s not complain about how long the ride will be, or how many times we’ll have to stop. Or how hot it is or uncomfortable. Let’s enjoy the journey; share ideas, learn, grow, connect… and love all of the amazingness that’s already right in front of us.

 We really are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

So what are YOU waiting for? We’ve all got a lot of meaningful work to do.”

Amen sistah!

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