wp-SassBrownSass Brown, founder of EcoFashion Talk, author, editor for Coco Eco Fashion Magazine and Acting Associate Dean, School of Art & Design, Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City

As a researcher, writer and blogger, her area of expertise is eco fashion, in all of its different expressions, from slow design and heritage craft skills to recycle, reuse and new business models. This woman is a thought leader, a dynamo and yes – sassy in all the ways that matter. Can you top this? Sass was also voted in the top 10 Women Who Changed the Face of Fashion by Fashion Compassion.  Join us to learn just how filthy the fashion industry is and why and then, of course, why we can’t dwell on that but rather on all of the great things happening in the world of fashion as we speak. I like to call it “inform and delight!” This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.