I am quite certain people don’t sit around wondering what makes Mrs. Green tick. At least I hope they don’t.  And truth be told, I am not at all sure about just what that is either. But I can give you two great examples of what it’s like to be a part of a vibrant, ever-growing, eco friendly, caring, sustainable, visionary community.

Example #1 – a very talented young man named Harrison (who works for one of Mrs. Green’s sponsors – Bookmans) sent me an email today with a video he produced from a recent Earth Month  event – GreenFest2010.  He asked me to consider spreading  the word about the video.  After I watched it, I called people until someone could watch it, call me back  and be as thrilled as I was (and they were….)

You can spend 2 minutes and 16 seconds viewing it on the Mrs. Green Facebook fan page (or in the video section of this very website). It is well done and the words fun, family, nature, community, and connection jump out of the screen.   You can’t fake the joy and kodak moments that Harrison captured.  And if you don’t watch it until the end, you will miss the branding of Tucson: The Solar City AND the rap!  You cannot miss the rap.

#2 – I interviewed a woman named Lisa Shipek & another guest from the Watershed Management Group on my radio show awhile back.  I learned things, we had fun and it was an interesting, informative show.  Today, a package and a hand-written note arrived in the mail.  In the package were two really cute T-shirts (that I will wear).  Excerpt “Here are two Earth Month t-shirts – I hope one of them fits you ok. Please feel free to give another to a friend. Each shirt is unique – we purchased t-shirts from thrift stores and had them screened. Yay recycling.”

Tick, tick, tick. …