When I got the following press release from my friend Kim, I really kind of flipped – this is the real deal. First of all, someone not only thought up the concept of recycling rides , Mike Quinn took action and now it is a national program. He dared to dream & then he dared to make his dream a reality. Secondly, it’s about recycling – cars no less. How could Mrs. Green not love it? And last part of the perfect package? Giving someone a car can change a life forever.  I don’t know anything  about the application process but I am going to assume the “recycled ride” goes to someone truly deserving.  Sounds like Estrella is just that.

So hats off to Mike Quinn. And thought for the day: dare to dream. And then make your dreams come true.

Local Tucson Mom Receives Donated Car

As Part of Nationwide Simultaneous Vehicle Gifting

 November 22, 2010, Tucson, AZ— A Tucson single mother of three is one of hundreds of individuals and families nationwide who will have much to be thankful for this week.   Each will receive the gift of a refurbished vehicle as part of a national program called Recycled Rides™ which is sponsored locally by GEICO Insurance and 911 Collision Centers.

 Estrella Tapia, 29, received a 2004 Toyota Highlander that was donated by GEICO and refurbished by 911 Collision Centers in a presentation Monday at the auto body shop’s downtown location.  

The Recycled Rides™ program originated in Tucson 5 years ago by 911 Collision Centers co-founder Michael Quinn.  The program has now been adopted nationwide by the National Auto Body Council (NABC) and become an industry-wide community awareness project in which members of the NABC repair and donate refurbished vehicles to families and service organizations in need. A “green” program, Recycled Rides™ recruits auto body shops, insurers, paint suppliers and parts vendors to contribute in their own specific ways.   Participants in the “Recycled Rides™  program annually  make  simultaneous vehicle donations across the country on the Monday before Thanksgiving. 

p.s. this is community in action, sustainability in action & green, eco-friendliness at its finest. Can’t wait to meet Mike.