Beautiful sunrise

Until we say the world is beautiful again, until we have a world that works for everyone, until the burning and the naming calling and the vitriol and the divisiveness fades – what do you want to dream of? What would that world look like for you? How would it feel? How would it change the quality of your life? These are challenging and painful times. Can we get to a place where we are able to say “these are the worst of times, these are the best of times” because so many of us are committed to and working for the time when the world is beautiful again? Indeed, it is the only way for many of us to move forward.

What would food systems look like in the after times when the world is beautiful again? What would our world look like without the suffering of starvation? What would our world look like if healthy, nutritious, organic fruits and vegetables were available to everyone at a price that all could afford? What if all the meat consumed was ethically raised? Hormone free? And affordable? And what if all of the millions of people planting and harvesting those crops and raising those animals were paid a livable wage?  Just imagine.

What would the health of our world look like if healthcare were affordable and accessible to all citizens of the planet? If things like naturopathic medicine was made available and the costs for it covered? If things like massages and other healing/prevention modalities were covered by your health plan? What if TV commercials were about self-care, exercising, how to protect our planet, how to give back and examples of real heroes were shared – instead of encouraging us to pop a pill for whatever ails us?

What would our planet look like if all the world’s population committed to creating less waste because we all committed to cutting back on consumption? What if our landfills began to shrink? What if someone looked at you strangely if you were carrying a plastic water bottle? What if resale, not retail, became the norm? What if we all cut down on ordering things online and committed to local purchasing because no packaging required?

What if our country became the poster child for criminal justice reform? What if leaders from all over the world were coming to the United States to see how we had successfully transformed our criminal justice system to the extent that prisons were closing, rehabilitation programs were flourishing and we finally lived in country where liberty and justice for all meant ALL?  Where crime rates were almost nil? Can you even begin to imagine?

glowing star being held in hand agains a sunset sky

What if 80-90% of the people in our country cared enough about our country, the environment, social justice, taxes, government spending, quality education for all, green building, to VOTE? To let their values be represented? To understand why all voices mattered? To grasp the fact that a civilized two-party system was, and could be again, a healthier check and balance where all people’s voices are considered in policy making and taxation decisions? What if people in office were more reflective of the people who they represent and of their values?

What if racial equity became the norm? What if the entire discussion of racial equity became a human issue as opposed to a political one? What if random searches, frequently without cause, of black men were something we referred to as happening in “the before times?” What if we, as a country, committed to funding schools in all neighborhoods and zip codes because we knew an educated population is a win for everyone? What if people were hired for jobs because of their skills and expertise and not because of the color of their skin? What if that question became a perplexing one to most of us because things had changed so much? Because we had evolved? What if white people really and truly grasped and understood and appreciated what white privilege means and why so much responsibility is on us to create a beautiful world? What if?

This is an invitation. You are invited to reflect and intentionally join us on this journey by adding your own thoughts, comments, energy, and ideas. You are a part of creating this world. Please share your deepest thoughts, concerns and desires with us: or @mrsgreensworld

We imagine seeing you when we can say “the world is beautiful again”.

Gina Murphy-DarlingFrom about the age of five, Gina has been on the path of being a disruptor for good. A dreamer at heart, Gina is madly and passionately in love with this great planet of ours and is tireless in her efforts to preserve it.