I don’t know about you but most people I know are busy people and probably all of us would like to read more – for pleasure, for learning, for growing, for visiting places we might actually never get to see and for fun! I know I would like to read much more about things other than sustainability, solar, organic everything, green marketing, green washing and on and on.

I thought I would just quickly share some of my all time favorites and do a HUGE shout-out for Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. If it wasn’t for Bookmans, I would be in deep trouble because I really like buying books. I would never consider buying a new book unless I had to. Why should when I can find any book I ever wanted (at least about 99%) at one of the Bookmans locations. And I love to go to any of their locations to people watch and to see what else I can find while I am there.  (Most recent “find?”  Harry Potter books on CASSETTE! – dating me and my car – I know!)

So on to my favorites.  All time favorite in the Mrs. Green journey: Tribes by Seth Godin. I have read it 3 times and have now put it on my iPad. I have bought at least 3 copies at Bookmans & given them as gifts to people who want to do anything to make a difference in their business and who want to do it in an authentic, genuine way. It’s about showing up as you – not as positioning yourself as something you think your “tribe” wants you to be. It inspires me and keeps me going when I need that little extra push to keep showing us.  Love, love, love this book.

For  sustainable marketing? The New Rules of Green Marketing by Jacquelny A. Ottman – it contains precious jewels of strategies, tools AND inspiration for sustainable branding.  I have met and admire this woman beyond words. She was green when it was just a color and she represents Fortune 500 companies who are truly committed to sustainable practices.  If you are confused about how to navigate the complex media world in the branding of your company or product, this will help greatly.

For sustaining your spirit? The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson. This book continues to help me to live my best life. “We can have in life whatever we are willing to be.” I believe that only a continuous change in the way I think is the way to live my life and this books has some great tools to help on the journey. Yup, got it at Bookmans.

For just plain FUN? I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron. This is defintely a chick book or for men who are in touch with their feminine side. I have laughed til I cried reading parts of it by myself and to others.  And anyone who knows me knows I HATE my neck on film and feel like a have a waddle or whatever it’s called (the thing that hangs down on the throat of a chicken.) I promise you that you will laugh out loud as Nora honestly describes true feelings about the challenges of growing old, hating purses and serial monogamy.  I have bought 4 copies of this book at Bookmans and given them to girlfriends. Really, really fun and easy read.

Two more things.  I would love to hear from you about your picks and I would love for you to check out Bookmans: www.bookmans.com. I think you will thank me. They have been a major supporter of Mrs. Green since day one, they are locally owned, and they do great things for the planet – starting with the very communities in which they live through-out the state of Arizona.

And, yes, I think I have talked about all of these things on Mrs. Green’s World because green talk radio is what started this clock ticking in the first place.