What’s Green About This Workplace?

1) Student & staff recycling program for past 8 years: we currently recycle at least as much as we dispose of in wastes (qualitative observation).

2) Solar panels on “roof” over the entire plaza which supplements our electrical energy useage considerably (monitored and recorded by staff and students in math classes).

3) Reuse typing paper in computer printers and xerox machines (students & staff reuse paper to print on both sides if only one side is printed on).

4) Water harvesting landscaping (by students & staff) and xeriscape planting beautifying front of school.

5) Organic urban gardening box plots built and growing fruits, vegetables and flowers on campus (4 large plants built by staff & students).

6) Butterfly garden using water harvesting landscaping and xeriscape flowering plants (planned for spring 2011 by staff & students).

7) Solar car models class (staff & students).

8) Solar energy class: building and using solar ovens (staff & students).

9) Alternative energy seminar day with experiential work stations: bicycling to light up light bulb, solar collectors demonstration station, small engines powered by hand manipulation, etc. (staff & students and provided by TUSD’s Natural Resources and Facilities Management Manager and others).

10) JTED/CTE Construction classes building energy efficient homes in collaboration with University of Arizona’s Architecture Department, for sale to low-income families (staff & students from Project M.O.R.E. High School and the University of Arizona).