I’ve said it before and will say it again. Feedback from members of the Mrs. Green tribe sustain me, inspire me, motivate me, give me hope. Knowing that I am making any difference at all in terms of preservation of the planet & having an environmental impact keeps the wheels on my green bus going round and round. Thank you, Cathy Rankin, for being the wind power beneath my wings.

“My dear buddy, Mrs. Green, what a wonderful 100th issue of your newsletter just arrived in my email today! I so enjoyed your looking back over the past 4 years and how much you have learned in the world of green….because we have ALL learned along with you over the years. You mentioned you still see people using those pesky plastic bags and you felt you “haven’t made even a small dent in changing
that.”. So I am here to represent just one of the DENTS  you made 4
years ago when I stopped using store bags and only use my reusable shopping
bags. I carry them in my car so I won’t be caught without them. I have used
them for every grocery trip in the past 4 years (that saved at least 2,080
plastic bags….if not MORE) and I use them at Farmers Markets and every other
place I shop. There are so many of us out here who no longer subscribe to
plastic bag trees as part of our landscape, and that’s no small dent, my dear
Mrs Green. Congrats on your 100th newsletter and your 61st birthday!

Cathy Rankin
Temco Air Environmental “