wp-BenSimonBen Simon, Founder, Imperfect Produce

I embarrass myself when I am around Ben Simon. How can someone so young have such vision, such ability to articulate and then execute that vision and then have another great vision and move forward to execute again – all with the purpose of making our world a better place? Yes – I gush and Ben deserves it. I met Ben when he was the Executive Director of the Food Recovery Network. He left it in good hands soon after his graduation from college and founded Imperfect Produce – America’s leading brand for ugly produce. Ben found out that every year, 20% of fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. never make it off the farm due to tiny cosmetic challenges that don’t affect taste or quality. They are considered ugly or imperfect. Imperfect buys produce that falls short of grocery stores’ strict cosmetic standards and sells it for a 30-50% discount to fight food waste. Join me to find out why, in their first 3 months, Imperfect was covered by NPR, PBS NewsHour, NBC, Bloomberg Business, Today Show, LA Times, The New York Times, and the front page of the SF Chronicle. It’s a story worth hearing about. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.