Man standing on edge of shore looking at body of water with northern lights reflecting in lake

Into the Deep?

How deep are we living? Our lives are filled with social media, speed of communication, Google that answer, “Alexa turn on the lights”, self-checkouts, free delivery and an “APP for that”. The greatest risk of our convenient life is that it leads us into the shallow. We know the shallow. It is the space where a disconnection takes place – from our truest sense of being and relationship with others and the planet. It is navigating our path into the future. The path being set for our human experience and it is the path that our children will be handed. Perhaps it is not the events that are happening on our planet right now that should cause us the greatest pause and trouble – it is the intense unconsciousness that we collectively have about the cause that should ring the alarm. If we don’t rise up and bring the unconscious into our awareness – if we don’t awaken to it, the fear is that there will not be enough of us to preserve our home.

A Gift Shows Up

Man standing in ocean looking at sunsetAnd then gifts show up in our lives. They come in many forms but the example to be shared here is one in the form of a public speaking opportunity.  Goalcast is a source of learning, insight and inspiration on so many levels. It is an opportunity for each of us to connect with humanity and often when we need it most.

Recently, there was a new Goalcast video featured: What I Learned from Mario, Father Gregory Boyle. Do not be surprised if tears are tickling your chin by the 5:41 marker. The content of this video is the stuff that can bring us back from the shallow and remind us that there are many human beings diving deep. Not only are there many of us bringing the unconscious into the light – there are enough of us. There is truly hope.

Please watch it.

Falling in Love

Videos, like What I Learned from Mario, support the human process of falling in love because they celebrate the essential element of connection. Let us never forget that “only the soul that ventilates the world with tenderness has any chance of changing the world”.  We can help return each other to ourselves.

You are loving.

You are kind.

You are gentle.

You are wise.

We will stand with the demonized so the demonizing will stop.

We will stand with the disposable so the day will come when we stop throwing people away.

We will stand with those whose dignity has been denied.

We will stand with those whose burdens are more than they can bare.

And we will stand with the poor and the powerless and the voice less – and we will make those voices heard.

May we all keep swimming into the deep. May we continue to search for those  paddling in the same direction – celebrating consciousness and connection. And you know what – that is living in love. Not in fear – which only leads to anger and hopelessness. May our mantra moving forward: Swim for the deep and let’s fall in love with the planet and all who call her home.

Kelly King

Kelly King is a woman taking small steps toward a healthier happier life and planet, all the while caring for her two children, husband, cat and Mrs. Green’s World.