I was thrilled last week when I got to meet with some of the Chapman Tucson management team to talk about going green from the inside out.  What did they want to do about recycling? Did they care about sustainability? What were their ideas about creating awareness on energy savings?  The outcome was better than I could have anticpated. I want to share with you an email I received from one of Chapman’s employees who works in the Audi Service Department.  My buddy Jerry took me out to meet Michael after our meeting and when I saw what this one person was doing to make a difference, it just reaffirmed what we all know to be true: ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

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I purchased 2 of the oil draining products from this website

My initial goal was to collect the oil that was going to waste in order to provide me with oil for my 4 cars. But as time went on I realized just how much oil was getting into landfills. The website has some very compelling statistics. I would have to guess that I have collected almost 200 quarts of motor oil since November 2009. Multiply that by $7.50. That’s a lot of money! Most of the oil bottles I collect come only from the Porsche-Audi service department with a total of 6 technicians. Imagine how many oil bottles a large volume service department might produce.

A friend of mine moved to Portland, Oregon to work at a dealership up there. I sent him the email link and had someone build something very similar out of scrap metal. His shop employs about 12 technicians.

I hope this is helpful.

Michael Oberstar

What more can I say.  Michael is an UBER-STAR, a green pebble in the pond.