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As I was driving back from our wonderful holiday trip this past Monday, I was thinking quite a bit about the newsletter. I said to myself “this first one for 2012 really has to be a big WOW!” And then I thought some more. This newsletter has to be just like all the rest of them – written authentically from my very green heart. I have never written for a wow. I just write, and the thoughts just keep on coming.

Here’s what I came up:

#1 – Mike Franks. I have no clue why Mike popped up – he just did. What I thought about is how Mike Franks from Seaver Franks has been an advertiser with Mrs. Green almost since day one. Besides helping sustain the Mrs. Green journey, Mike is a friend, a fellow Rotarian, a great husband and father, and he cares about his community. That’s one of the green, sustainable pieces.

Here’s another one. Seaver Franks is a highly respected locally owned business. They are proud of their reputation for regionally responsive architecture that reflects both the lifestyle of the client AND the characteristics of the site and surroundings. In other words, they think about and care about how their structures will fit in with the environment in which is it being built. What a concept. Added bonus? Seaver Franks Architects has been LEED accredited since 2006.

Needless to say, any business connected with real estate, building, development, has been greatly impacted these past several years. Mike continued to support us in good times and bad and for that, I am truly grateful – as I am for everyone who has been part of this journey. Here’s to a booming 2012 for all of us.

#2 – Big Blue Balls. Seriously. I haven’t written in forever about how much I dislike Bounce and any other artificially created dryer sheet or fabric softener that makes clothes smell (dare I say stink?). About three years ago I read several articles on why Bounce is really bad for you, your skin, and the environment. Dryer ballsThere are even warnings printed on some towels advising the buyer to not use dryer sheets because the “coating” could impact the absorbency of the towel. Can this be a good thing?

We act like static cling is a moral lapse, but I admit, I don’t like it. So we dumped the chemicals, went to Target and bought two big blue dryer balls for about $8.00. We still have them. We have saved money, our clothes don’t stink, and I believe we have made a difference for the planet by taking this one small step.

#3 – Nature. On our way back from Taos, Mr. Green indulged me and we made a side trip (tacked on to a very long driving day) to a place outside of Elfrida, Arizona, to see the gathering of the Sandhill Cranes. My friend Cassandra raved about their experience earlier in the week so I felt the call to check it out. OMG – there were literally thousands of them. We couldn’t believe it. We ended up staying over two hours during which time we observed hawks hunting, found a brown bat inside a barn structure, saw some other kind of gorgeous black birds with bright yellow breasts (can you tell we are not “birders?”) and just thoroughly enjoyed being out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Sandhill CranesWe made a commitment to each other to get out in nature more. It feeds your soul and reminds you how important fresh air and sunshine are. I invite you to put visiting some of your favorite outdoor spots on your places to go in 2012 list – regularly!

#4 – Junk Mail. I thought I had made lots of progress but when we got home after having been gone just one week, the amount of junk mail we received made me sick. It was awful to see it all in one pile. I am recommitting to visiting to once again get my name removed from a bunch of catalog lists. I honestly don’t know what to do about the 7-10 weekly 0% interest credit cards offers. If anyone knows of a way I can stop them, please, please, please email me or post it on the Mrs. Green Facebook page. Junk mail is a waste of paper, water, gas, ink, and my time! Let’s try to all get back on this one.

#5 – Read. This is my last whirling dervish brain thought for feeding our souls in 2012. I read three books on this trip. Yup – three books, and am half way through another one. First of all, there was no TV where we stayed – bonus number one. And, yes, I was on vacation so reading until 1:00 a.m. was an option. But I realized how much I love reading, how much it quiets and expands the brain, and how much watching almost any TV show feeds nothing but my frustration level.

So – happy, blessed, healthy, prosperous and joy-filled New Year! I wish there was some way of adequately letting you know how grateful I am for all of you. Thank you for continuing to be a part of this journey and I so look forward to the places we’ll go in 2012.