Every once in a while, I feel compelled to write about something that fills my soul – like the great philosopher and scholar, Jeladukkin Rumi.  There are things he has written that I  read over and over and over again. He is brilliant, clever, funny, wise and deep. I know I would have liked him.

My favorite book, that I keep very close is The Illuminated Rumi.  He has one quote that I think of often – during elections, after tragedies, when people are loudly engaged in the blame game.  This thought soothes me and I imagine a field where we will all, indeed, meet someday.  Here tis “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”  Wanna make a date?

Here’s to a world that works for everyone and you finding words that feed your soul.

(p.s. think we can schedule Rumi for green talk radio?)