Hello!  My name is Scott Caddow aka Mrs. Green’s “legend in his own mind” Legendary Dude.  I’m honored to be a guest blogger today while on an incredible journey.

My message today is to get off the beaten path, GET out of the box and just do something different.  We have all heard the clichés, but changing your environment can have real word benefits for your outlook, physical health, mental well-being and your happiness!  This week I am driving from Tucson, Arizona to Anacortes, Washington and the first decision is the route.  Convention wisdom, and lots of friends said, “easy – head to LA, then north on the 5!”.  Yuck!  Been there done that.  I sought a route to go through as many new and different places as I could.

Why head off the beaten path?  Too see things I’ve never seen, to learn things I’d never known and to meet people I’d never met!

Yesterday I got to see wild horses tear across the desert in Nevada, got to drive across the new bridge ABOVE the Hoover Dam, bought some fruit from a farmer and his kids, saw a volcano, walked across Cold War era ICBM missile silos, wrote my name in the snow (ok – TMI), and got time to think, re-imagine, and actually talk to people.  Real people, not followers, fans, readers or connections!

This is the beginning of a year-long adventure for me – leaving my home, friends, comforts and do something different!  New climate, new activities, new routines and the wonder of what else will come!  Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts, advice and recommendations in the comments.  With my friend Mrs. Green’s permission, I’d love to continue guest blogging and share with you my adventures, and mis-adventures along the way.

So, today – take a different route to work, say hi to someone in line for coffee or TEAR UP THAT BOX!  (Recycle it of course!)

Scott Caddow

So of course Mrs. Green has to add her two cents.  Does this blog not give you wander lust & make you want to hit the road?  Sustainability for my soul! Travel safely & write often my friend!  Scott has appeared on my radio show www.mrsgreensworld.com numerous times sharing with our listeners great trips about green travel, ecotourism & other fun, green stuff!