What’s Green About This Workplace?

“-Specializes in offering products that are earth-friendly, be it made of recycled, recyclable, organic, natural, or sustainable materials.

-Employs sales associates who share a passion about our earth friendly products.

-Provides “green” education to customers about products and practices.

-Values fair trade from emerging economies and/or ethically produced products from the USA.

-Uses second hand/used displays including wood, wrought iron and glass shelving, as well as hooks, baskets and equipment.

-Recycles or reuses all cardboard on site, and recycles all remaining recyclable materials (glass, plastic, paper, etc) by owner taking it home to her  recycle bin, as there is no recycling on site for this waste.

-Turns off lights and fans after hours, except for a few strands of lights made with light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, which are 90% more efficient than standard light strands.

-Doesn’t assume all customers want bags…gives them a choice, and if they do, uses recyclable and/or recycled paper bags and tissue paper.

-Has a free “book exchange” where individuals can “leave a used book, take a used book”.

-Decorates with real plants.

-Uses  eco-friendly cleaning products in-store.

-Receives bank/business statements electronically.

-Makes note pads to be used “in-store” with recycled paper.

-Uses/reuses recycled bags for collecting in-store trash as often as possible.

-Maintains an open, non-cluttered store floor; allows for great energy flow as well as wheelchair accessibility

-Supports local artists who create “up-cycled” jewelry.

-Supports local non-profit whose mission it is to promote kindness!”

“Company deals in only recycled, or earth friendly products. Also uses recycled display cases.”

“NN eco-boutique has endless enviro-friendly products, each with a written history next to the display.”