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This might be the shortest newsletter I have ever written, but the point I am hoping to make is that God (Creator, Spirit, Lord) is sending us a message. We have to pay attention to what we eat because our lives depend on it – literally. First it was spinach (not a problem for me), then it was peanut butter, and now it’s eggs – LOTS of eggs. Some of you may be old enough to remember the commercial “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” My belief has always been if you don’t listen to what God has to say, He just talks louder. I think He may be screaming. We are not being nice to Mother Nature and all of God’s creatures – especially the chickens.

WARNING: this information might make you sick to your stomach but you will get over it and if you read it, you might not get salmonella.

Fact: The USFDA’s report details the filthy conditions that these eggs were produced in. (finally????)

Fact: Manure piles 8 feet high were blocking doors, manure pits were overflowing

Fact: flies and maggots were too numerous for them to count

Fact: the owner of Wright County Egg and Quality Egg, Jack DeCoster, has a long history of being a habitual, chronic offender (and did I say a multi-millionaire chronic offender?). If you can stomach it, click through to this article and see just HOW chronic – very!!!

Fact: the good book says we are to be good stewards of the earth. There weren’t any exceptions noted.

Opinion: the horrific, unconscionable ways in which chickens are raised defy description. No one even bothers to debate it. This is an easy one, folks, because there really is just one thing we can do to stop it and it’s easy. Start buying organic eggs. Period. End of story. The chickens will thank you, Wright County Egg will go out of business, you will be healthier and God will calm down. Phew…It doesn’t matter if they are more expensive because your life depends on it and we all have something else we can give up. Or you can start raising your own chickens. Thousands of people are starting to.

End of rant.