Downtown Tucson has been an ongoing saga of one bad news story after another. Until recently, you just didn’t want to go down there except for a few wonderful places like the Children’s Museum Tucson, the Temple of Music & Art (Arizona Theatre Company) ¬†and a few good restaurants that made it worth the trip.

Enter the new Unisource Headquarters. Unisource Energy moved downtown with a massive $60 million headquarters and more importantly, 400 employees. That project alone sparked a flood of private sector investment downtown, including the University of Arizona, two more great restaurants, luxury condos & student housing.

Yes, I am proud that TEP is one of my sponsors – for lots of reasons including this one. Yes, I am proud that this fabulous building will probably achieve one of the highest levels of LEED certification. And yes, I am thrilled that this was all done without a penny of tax dollars being spent to make it happen.

Can’t wait for the next round of good news. Here’s to a great 2012 for downtown Tucson & for our country.