Like millions of Americans, today is the day I recommitted to getting regular exercise for 2017 and actually started. And I REALLY mean it this year.  Sound familiar?  Let me just add that I really mean it.  And it’s not about losing weight (which would be great) but about my commitment to good health. At 66 years young, every day I don’t exercise I put myself at greater risk for bad things to happen to me which are preventable!

So I decided to ease into dovemeetingjan32017it today and do something I really love – walking in my neighborhood.  There are lots of hills so I get some cardio and the neighborhood is just beautiful.  Instead of plowing through it and power walking, I also decided to make it a “stop and smell the roses” kind of walk.  Which brings me to the birds.  I stopped for a bird sound because I just had to see what beautiful creature was making such a magical sound.  I stood and I stood and I looked and I looked but couldn’t find the source.  That’s when the magic happened.  It was honestly as if Mama Cardinal knew I wanted to see her and she fluffed her wings. I smiled, said thank you and moved on. Ten steps later I chastised myself for not taking a picture but let that one go immediately – “relaxing walk, no chastising allowed.” Stay here with me!

Bird sighuprightmamatings two and three were just as fun and brought me great joy.  I spotted a dove perched on an Ocotillo branch and did stop to snap that one.  And later the beautiful sound of the phainopenplas grabbed me.  She was so easy to find and very cooperative for my picture snapping.

And then, lo and behold, Mama Cardinal shows up, gets my attention and bingo!  Snapped her too.

Another one of my desires for 2107 is that I will blog more, share more of me, share more of all the amazing things going on in Mrs. Green’s World.  So I am giving myself another break on this one – the blogs won’t be perfect, the photographs are not likely to win any awards and there might be a run on sentence or two occasionally.  But I will show up more.

Last but neditedphainot least, my heartfelt message and reminder for all of us:  get out in nature – every day if possible – if even for a few minutes.  Be present when you are outside.  Listen, observe, take deep breaths, smile.  All of our lives will be happier and healthier if we commit to a “nature practice.”  I am sure of it.

Warning: the pictures leave MUCH to be desired but it’s the thought that counts!  They looked great.  Come join me  some morning to see for yourself.