Last week while I was in LA, I met with a young man named Josh Simon.  He is the co-founder of a company called Function Drinks ( I met with him because I drink one Function Light Weight every day (a basic Function Freak) and I thank my friend Kimberly Clements every day for giving me my first one.  I wanted to know more about the company and to explore if there was a possible tie in with Mrs. Green.

Now what, you might ask, has a my drink of choice got to do with Mrs. Green, sustainability, eco-friendly or eco-anything for that matter?  Everything.  Because our health, our very own sustainablity as human beings has got to be the genesis from which we FUNCTION on a daily basis. Love those intended puns! (Obesity in the USA at epidemic levels.)

I admit I did not and still do not know all the scientific dots Josh’s partner, Alex, connected to bring Function to market. I know more than I did and I know they had fun along the way.  What I also know is that when I drink a Function in the morning, I am not hungry for hours.And I know that since I have been drinking it,I haven’t  had more than a slight cold – almost a year and a half.  I also know I have lost quite a bit of weight and have kept it off for almost a year. I feel healthy. I feel sustainable. Because of my meeting with Josh, I now know there are scientific reasons why Function has played a role along the way.

And yes, I asked Josh about the plastic bottle my Function comes in.  I loved his answer.  They are doing everything they can to find a more sustainable, earth friendly container.  It’s not easy because they have to maintain the taste and the quality of the drink overall.  I get that.  But they are rigorously researching the next best solution. I really like that.

I also know that  I love spending time with bright, young, creative human beings like Josh Simon and hearing about what he and his partner and their team are doing as their contribution to a healthier world. 

Now here is something wonderful for us to ponder: How great would it be if Function became a drink of choice at fast food restaurants to replace the toxic choices we have now? Should that day ever come,you might catch a glimpse of the Mrs. Green mobile in a drive-through again.  To your health!