Intro from Mrs. Green – Scott Caddow is one of my best friends and has joined me on the Mrs. Green journey almost from day one.  Truth be told, I think he lives a greener life than I do and I KNOW he has made massive changes in what he eats, the food he cooks, where he shops and how he views the world in general. I am proud to call him my friend and now very proud to feature this guest blog – the first of many more to come.


“Hello! My name is Scott Caddow, founder of Legendary World – a travel company headquartered on planet Earth. I say that because our consultants are based throughout the United States and our network of specialists are located around the world, helping us plan
amazing adventures, once in a lifetime experiences and assisting us in creating lifelong memories for our clients.

Scott-path2From the title of this post you might assume that I was a Judge – nope. Or an athlete – not even close. Since starting my Green Journey with Mrs. Green I have made many changes in my life, in my routine and in my business. One of my favorites is my morning walk around the marina where I currently live in the San Juan Islands. I say current because my friends call me a nomad, moving from here to there, trying new things and meeting new people. “Where in the world is Scott” is something I am used to and enjoy hearing!

Scott-fishingboats2Stay with me. My Facebook friends have become accustomed to my daily morning picture post of some amazing sunrises, deer running across the trail, steaming coffee from my deck or anything I find interesting on my walk. But they do not know the whole story until now. My walk is a two mile loop and at exactly one mile there is a wooden bench, perfectly positioned so that I can sit and observe the water, the town and the mountains in the distance. I can smell the salt in the air, hear the town coming to life and feel the sun on my face. I take 15 minutes every morning to sit and think – sometimes to plan my day, sometimes to think about an old friend I have not spoken with lately and many times to just let my mind wander. It takes me to amazing places!

Scott-harbor3I am sharing this because one of the most important things I have learned on my Green Journey is to sustain myself while I am doing my part to sustain the planet.  I have figured out that you can’t do one without the other. So I invite you to take some time to stop, think, let your mind wander and smell the roses!

Speaking of wandering, I will be heading to Belize and Costa Rica for the month of December and doing guest blogs for Mrs. Green. I will be sharing about my travels, my experiences, the places I discover and life in the local towns and villages I will pass through. Please be watching for my  blog posts and PLEASE comment and  share your experiences with us! And I hope you will visit my website to sign up for our eNewsletter to find out about my world – one planet, seven continents & MILLIONS of experiences.

And yes – I created this blog post during this morning’s “15 minutes on the bench”. Make it a great green intentionally lived day and get in touch with YOUR inner bench! You’ll be glad you did.