When it came time to plan a short summer vacation with our grandchildren, I started looking into the staycation idea. Afterall, I am Mrs. Green and it just made sense.  So I did my research, contacted my first choice, Loews Ventana Canyon* resort & I will share why in another blog. Why staycation?  Here are ten reasons why you might want to consider a staycation for you, your family or even just a bunch of good friends wanting a quick, affordable getaway.

1. You can take advantage of local attractions – be a tourist in your own home town!  Look at your city/town through different eyes. Seems as though we are always too busy to enjoy the local treasures.

2. Save money on airline tickets – can be a big factor in the decision making.

3. Don’t have to go through security – a blessing all by itself!

4. No charge for extra bags! Take as much “stuff” as you want because you can pack it all in the car.

5. No paying for parking – it all adds up. You don’t have to valet most places & that way coming & going hassle free.

6. No driving – more time for fun. This was the #1 pick for our grandson who likes more action than drive time.

7. Save on gas = saves you money & less stress on the planet.

8. You can go home if you forget something (don’t we ALWAYS forget something?)

9.Support the local economy – keeps the restaurants & resorts  in business during hot summer months, you can grab a bite to eat at a nearby locally owned spot you might have been wanting to try.  The business you support may hire your own child someday.

10. Bonus  – you really spend time with your children & grandchildren – a break from the fast paced life of ours. We play games, swim, watch movies together, go out and explore the desert landscape, watch the storms coming in. There’s something magic to old & young alike to be focused on each other – sans gizmos!

Sounds like a great topic for green talk radio show – yes?  I would love to hear any stories going around out there from anywhere in the country.

*Loews Ventana Canyon: first environmentally conceived resort in America according to Architectrual Digest.

A picture worth 1000 words.

Lots of love & laughter. Not an iphone, droid, Game Boy in sight.