Ever wonder why I get manic about my facebook numbers? And why I stay up at times until 3:00 a.m. going down the research rabbit hole? Or why I write about things like I Love Blue Sea,  Function, my Honda Insight  and constantly remind people about supporting locally owned businesses?  And why I write a blog that I am not sure people even read at times?  Because I want to be the sustainability alarm clock for the world.  I want everyone to be awake about what’s going on and then make conscious choices accordingly.

Another alarm clock moment for Mrs. Green: Last night I watched the documentary Gasland on HBO. Basically it’s about how Dick Cheney and his posse figured out how to exempt gas companies from the Clean Water Act, from EPA standards, from you name any kind of protection people like you and I might have if they wanted to drill for natural gas in your FRONT yard.  Just lie down and play dead.

So what radical, tree hugging, nut job liberal wrote this you say? The really, really nice, kind of quiet young man who lives next door to each of us. This one’s name is Josh Fox. Yes, I cried. Yes, I saw people who owned their land for over 40 years LIGHT the water from their faucets. Yes, I saw people talk about their cancer, their headaches, their BRAIN DAMAGE. Yes, I saw their pets with hair falling off and the cattle with huge bald patches drinking water that wasn’t fit for an animal.  Yes, the producer provided FACTS about how much water, how much gas, how much waste, how much everything awful is put into the earth to get to the natural gas. (The process is called fracking.)

Did Josh get all the facts right? Probably not, he is not a scientiest. Did he leave some things out that might be important to know? Probably. Did he find his own alarm clock, wake-up call, “I’ve got to share this with people” moment? Definitely. Do we need to know about what the content of this filmand do we need to spread the word?  Yes, indeed.

Here’s to finding your own Sustainability Alarm Clock cause. The clock is ticking.