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I have said many, many times that I really don’t want to tell people what to think – I just want them to think. I started writing this newsletter doing a Mrs. Green report card for Earth Month but it was boring to me so go figure how boring it might have been to you. If you want to know how I am doing and how I live my life every day relative to my carbon footprint, just ask me. Happy to share. For some reason, I got the hit to ask some questions – many of which I do not have the answers to but are great ones to think about. I want to know why. Here goes…

Why do people STILL use plastic bags when it’s so easy not to? Why are they hanging on the trees, blowing in the wind and polluting the planet? STILL?

Why do people still drink out of plastic bottles? It costs way more to buy them than to use reusable ones, the caps end up in the ocean and kill baby birds or end up in landfills which are filling up beyond capacity. The bottles have to be manufactured (energy drain) and have to be shipped (fuel consumption) and we really have no idea what’s in most of them. Is it simply because they’re convenient? Really? More convenient than simply refilling ones you have sitting on the counter?

Why don’t people care that most of the fruits and vegetables they buy/eat are probably soaked in pesticides, insecticides and herbicides? Even if you believe those chemicals don’t hurt your body, they definitely hurt the people who have to spray them, the earth they spill onto, the birds who eat sprayed plants and flowers, and our water supply. So why don’t people care enough to make some small changes?

Why don’t people care about all the products they put on their bodies and on their hair? Why don’t they care if those products contain parabens or other known carcinogens? Why don’t they care about the harmful artificial dyes and fragrances that are just awful all around for everybody and everything?

Why do people spend more time researching what school their child should go to than they do about processed baby food, baby formula and chemical laden baby care products?

Why don’t people start buying ONLY fair trade chocolate? It’s delicious, in some cases costs the same as regular “good” chocolate, and no children are abused in the entire “fair trade good chocolate cocoa bean to your mouth” food chain. Why can’t people make this one little concession and send Hershey’s a “we care about people on the planet” message?

Why don’t people think “local” when they are shopping? Why don’t they realize that you usually get better service, a fair price and deal with people who will give you that donation for your favorite charity when you need one? Why don’t they think about the exceptions to this one and shop consciously when they do have to frequent those big box stores? Which ones are committed to sustainability on a global level and which ones ONLY care about earnings per share? It’s easy to find out – just google it!

Why don’t people use cloth napkins? Cheaper and nicer.

Why don’t people think about waste when they plan events? You save money, you save the landfills, and you can send one heck of a message.

Why don’t people turn off the water when brushing their teeth? How could you not care?

Why don’t people wake up, smell the organic, pesticide free roses and have some fun doing it?

Why ask why? Phew….enough to think about already…

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What Are You Doing to Celebrate Earth Month?
Honestly? It amazes me what people are doing. Congratulations and THANKS to Sherry Roethig from Mesa, Arizona, for your submission. Please take a minute or two to share what you are doing with everyone in Mrs. Green’s world. We will pick another winner at noon this Friday. You will love your S’well water bottle and Mrs. Green’s bag. Probably won’t ever leave home without them again.