I can honestly say I have never had as much reaction to a newsletter than I did to this last one about meat, cruelty free meat & my own personal eating challenges as I go forward. I would like to not only continue to conversation but honor some people who really put their heart and thoughts into responses. Some liked what I said – some didn’t. But it’s all good and all more food for thought so to speak.  It’s a huge issue and one that deserves at least one or two shows on green talk radio! Stay tuned for that hot topic.

Here is the first:

Hi Gina

I am so very, very, very (yes 3)
excited and grateful that you decided to address the inhumane factory farming
issue that I mentioned in my response to your recent survey.  This is my
numero uno “beef” with the world today, namely OUR COUNTRY.  I
am a member of Farm Sanctuary, as they rescue downed and abused factory farm
animals and do much in the way of advocacy, outreach and lobbying for the
humane treatment of farm animals.  There are other organizations.

I too have seen some videos andopened some mail (accidentally on purpose) and found myself in a pile of tears and depression for a long time afterwards (weeks, months even).  I can totally relate.  I’ve been on this bandwagon since 1990 when a friend
introduced me to my first video, and while things are changing, they aren’t
changing fast enough.

The good news is that most health food stores do NOT carry these products, but instead carry a wonderful line of cruelty free meat products, wild caught or humanely farmed fish, cage free eggs and hormone free dairy, etc.  Whole Foods Market, about whom I cannot say
enough wonderful things, gets my shopping dollars exclusively.  I shop
there because their values are in perfect alignment with mine, and they are
totally conscientious and “with it” regarding all things sustainable
and humane.  I LOVE THEM.  In fact I have considered a career with
them or even opening a store if this is possible (in Holland Michigan where we
are moving next month).

There are several organizations towhich one can donate money and/or time to advocate for animal welfare. Several states, through ballot initiatives and voters, have adopted laws to
protect farm animals.  My heartbreak comes from the obvious question, why
do we even need to vote on this?????  It’s a no brainer.  We shouldn’t torture animals.  Americans don’t torture … unless you’re not human, oh yeah.  Torturing animals for money is one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard of, right up there with child sex slavery and
abuse.  They are equal in my mind.  Temple Grandin really simplifies
things.  If we’re going to eat animals they deserve our respect. Even wild animals don’t kill as cruelly as we do for food. Not evenclose.  Watch the movie, if you haven’t seen it, “Temple

We can put our money where our mouth is.  Screw the “whole paycheck” slogan (nickname for Whole Foods).  It’s for people who want a convenient excuse to not have to spend
money to do the right thing.  The real cost of sustainability has to
be funded by us, the people, the consumers, because as it currently stands the
animals and environment pay the price while we get cheap burgers and
electricity, etc.  Okay, I’m really on a roll now, and I know you already
get it, but suffice it to say I could go on for a LONG time on this subject.
I am cheering you on!  Can I help?