Men – bear with me as I write a mostly chic blog.  But also please note that I see more and more men in my salon.  Granted, they are not getting their make-up done. The point of this blog, and hopefully all of my blogs, is to raise awareness about what’s healthy for all of us and for the planet. Do you have any idea the garbage that manufacturers put in make-up  and skin care products? We should all care – men, women and children!

Disclaimer: the usual  “you couldn’t pay me to write about something I don’t believe in.” Hope that is a given.  Yes, VerVe Salon is one of my sponsors.  For the record, I sought them out and switched to this great, green salon on my own.  So two weeks ago, in I went to finally take the Aveda make-up plunge.  (Stay tuned for the YouTube video filmed by the one and only Legendary World Eco-Dude himself, Scott Caddow. Trust me when I say, seeing is believing & I hope you believe it when you do see the video. )

 Sooo – I reluctantly threw away my old “stuff” to make way for the new.  Why?  Read about what’s in the Aveda products (& maybe more importantly, what’s not), read about what Aveda stands for as a company and about their stewardship of the planet. As I may have mentioned in the past, what they stand for is all good AND I am loving the make-up. Makes me feel noble using such good stuff…

But what I have really loved about VerVe from the beginning?  The warm welcome, relaxing atmosphere, and wonderful scents  (not  chemical assaults on the senses) that I experience each and every time I visit VerVe.  A locally owned green salon, that carries a superior line of green products, and a relaxing, friendly atmosphere — gotta love it.