Hear ye, hear ye. You are about to get inside my  bright green head  so you can see why I am a true fan AND a true believer in VerVe and Aveda.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to someone actually touching my head and putting “stuff” on my face, feet, hands & arms, I want to feel good about them and the experience.  It really is up close and personal.  I write VerVe quite a bit on Facebook and usually always post a picture after I have had a service there.  Because it’s always that good.  I tell family members, friends, people I meet, strangers on the street (a bit of a stretch, okay)   to check them about because they are green, because they do use healthy products & because they DO provide great service. So here are Mrs. Green’s Top Seven Reasons why I love VerVe Lifestyle Salon.

#1  Because of the warm, sincere welcome I get the minute I walk in the door (always offered a cup of soothing tea or spa water

#2 Because once I am in my chair, the atmosphere is friendly, soothing and overall relaxing.

#3  Because when I am getting my hair dyed, I know that the products my stylist are using are 97% plant-based, don’t burn my scalp like my “other” salon products did and are less harmful to my body and to the planet. Want to meet some really neat people there?  VerVe is locally owned AND are making a global impact.  Now if I could just get better on video…

#4  Because while I am sitting there letting the color work its magic, I get a wonderful, soothing, hot foot soak just because! This shot after I had a foot soak and an over the top pedicure.  How many people do you know are that excited about their pretty GREEN  toes?  I’m just sayin’….

#5  VerVe collects all of my bottles caps, sends them to Aveda, which recycles them and uses them to make the bottles for its own products. Why do I care you might ask?  Because we throw them away  millions of them end and they up in the ocean.  I know mine are not causing any little  sea critters harm when I take them to Verve.

#6 Aveda believes that beauty is as beauty does.  A visit to aveda.com  will inform you why I changed my personal practices and am blessed to have a place like VerVe in my hometown.  Look at this brief description of what Aveda is all about.  “To care about the world we live in….”

#7  Because the stylists & staff there know me, listen to my stories, REMEMBER them (well, at least they tell me they do) and they even laugh at my jokes!


And now you can see for yourself reason #8 why EVERY DAY is a great day at VerVe!

What if living green CAN be fun?  Trust me when I say it truly is and sustains me from the inside out.