By Gina Murphy-Darling [Mrs. Green]

Someone recently asked me a question that stopped me dead in my tracks. “Well, if you are not the press, who are you?” AND, she wanted an answer in writing to present to a Steering Committee so they could decide, within reason, in which category to put me for an event. Am I press? Am I media? Am I an expert on green? Am I a radio talk show host? A blogger? An environmental educator? An author? A movement? Or, all of the above?

Here goes…

I see myself as being a strong, powerful voice for creating a larger, more intentional and therefore more powerful, community of people who care about the planet. One of the ways in which I do that is through my national radio show. And then there’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, YouTube videos, public speaking, writing a newsletter – and a book to be published some day – all while continuing my education.

Now, more than every, I fully realize that there is just one planet and we are rapidly depleting Mother Earth’s resources – on land and on sea. Now my soul/sole purpose in life, pretty much during every waking moment, is to help raise awareness for what shape our planet is in and how critical it is for people to wake up, live consciously and help create the massive shift that has to occur in our behavior albeit quickly.

Yes, I really do see myself as a big green dot connector adding my voice to the many voices for change out there. I see everyone who is a part of Mrs. Green’s World as a movement of people working diligently to take small steps in their own lives to collectively make a big difference.

Is this a sustainable, eco-friendly movement? What do you think?