The following is an email from someone I really respect for many reasons.  His name is Hank and he is just the kind of guy who walks the walk with total integrity. He also wears green shirts alot and is one of the most loyal listeners to Mrs. Green’s World – my green talk radio show.  I just want to post it “as is” because I said so…


I am so humbled that the contest is over and so many of my family, friends and people I do not know (yet) have vote for what we are doing; getting the message out that “living green can be fun”.   I am so blessed that I have a wife and daughter who put up with all the “living with hank” things.  I am so humbled by the number of votes and grateful that it is finally over.  Now it is time to continue this message.

I read your newsletter piece about “green building” and I agree with all that you said.  I am glad you had a chance to vent.  I am trying to prepare a “formal” response to your article, but between you and me, I wanted to tell you that things ARE changing.  Not at the speed that we would like, but in God’s plan.  It is people like you and your guests that daily work to get the message out that things have to change.  We have to get back to a simpler, common-sense approach to how we live, work and travel.  Our lives now are made too easy.  Building houses (not homes) are made too easy.  Traveling has been made too easy.  We have to continue to set a high standard for a sustainable way to live.  You have to continue to get the message out!  I have to continue to get the message out!  In one of my prayers that I made for our Care for Creation committee, I say “… Let our patience be for your greater glory”.  I don’t want to push the “religion thing” on you, but this is where I find my strength.  If every major religions, and even indigenous faiths, require that we have a responsibility to be stewards of creation, I think there is a reoccurring message.  Have hope, have faith and have fun.


Have hope, have faith and have fun?  Hank – the world is a better place because you are in it.