Mr. Green bought some new pans a couple of weeks ago. When I was taking the labels off to wash them, of course I noticed the green, healthy earth label. “Healthy Earth for the Caring Cook” is what caught my eye.

They state that their cookware is PFOA free (that is a good thing). They use a technology called Hydrolon which is ecologically advanced, water based non-stick coating – which means it’s safer for us and creates fewer greenhouse gases – also good for all of us.

It just reminded me once again how careful and conscious we have to be. Other cookware can be cancer causing because of the coating & it’s so easy to forget that. PFOA is a known carcinogen.

Get your green on – even when you are buying cookware.  It’s all about baby steps and healthy choices. And Mrs. Green always has more to share on green talk radio – every Saturday. You probably already knew that.